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Curated stories, ideas and products from the African creator community.  
Made by Africans, to the world.

Our mission is to accelerate the growth of tech created by Africans to the world, to generate wealth and enrich lives. 

You can tell that there's a whole lot to share in the African tech community....

Frontpage is your go-to publication for recognizing and discovering the tech geniuses and creators in Africa who are building for the current and future.
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about us
Hello to FrontPage
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We are
We are a digital publication that curates inspiration, ideas, and stories. Our mission is to accelerate tech created by Africans to the world,  to generate wealth and enrich lives.

Hello to FrontPage

 We’ve seen more African talent “exported” in the past few years than we have in a decade.

We believe this is just the beginning and this should not live on. We’re convinced there’s more to the African creatives.  In the coming years, technology built in Africa; from dev tools to SaaS, Blockchain, plugins, etc will be used by people all over the world. 


We're on a journey

However, the first problem with making this happen is discovery, and that’s why we have created Frontpage.

Frontpage is our second attempt to solve the problem of discovery by looking for and shining light on the stories that matter, the creators, what they are building and how they envision making the world a better place with it. 


Cheers to Discovery

We give voice to and showcase indigenous African ideas. We bring together, everyone who makes up the African tech ecosystem ensuring that their amazing work and contributions are spotlighted.

The stories we curate and share will inspire you, show you the endless possibilities in the tech creative space and make you hop up, dust off your computer and get started on that idea!


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Are you a developer/designer of the African tech ecosystem?
Would you like me to help you bring your project/product to the spotlight?

Then, kindly use my calendly link here to pick a time that best works for you, so we can chat more and document your showcase.….and let's get Started!