Many are called but few are Scrum Masters

Anthony’s tech journey

“I learnt everything myself because I realized that my environment would teach me nothing”- Anthony Emmanuel/ Scrum Master at One F.M Kuwait

While Goal is the cousin to Success, Vision is definitely their forefather. Now we’re not talking about the Marvel Comic character.

We are talking about actually having a vision. Many people think that success is that thing that just happens while you are sitting in the corridor but actually, successful people don’t get things done by magic. They become successful by doing the right things at the right time.

Don’t be swayed by the outlook of others. It’s time to find what works best for you.

What about you? What do you do with your goals? Have you broken them down? How many times have you fallen?  Do not be swayed by distractions. Be adamant! Stare at your goals. Walk to the house of consistency, success lives there too.

Today, our focus is on 29 years old Anthony Emmanuel, a senior backend Software Developer and a scrum master at One FM, Kuwait.

Anthony was 9 years old when he started using the internet and he started writing HTML at 15. As a young teenager, in high school he built a product.

    “The process was frustrating …. No mentor but google”-Anthony Emmanuel/ Scrum Master at One F.M Kuwait

Anthony’s journey to tech was hard, lonely, difficult and tough because he had to learn the hard way; there was no mentor to guide him, and everything he learned was self-taught. But curiosity has been the vehicle that drove him into tech. He wanted to know how software systems are built, hence, he sought companionship and guidance from Google and YouTube.

Anthony works with  ONE FM. ONE FM is a leading provider of Facility Management services in Kuwait with a range of expertise in retail premises, manufacturing oil and gas, and sports. Anthony’s role as a scrum master is a professional who leads a team of developers to deliver products based on product owner(s) or stakeholders' requirements. Anthony over time, got acquainted  with learning to work with different kinds of people, unblock blockers (help to resolve technical issues), read other people's code, learn more about people management and take responsibility for the success or failure of projects assigned.

An image of Anthony Emmanuel Anthony/ Scrum Master at One F.M Kuwait

Anthony talks about one of his personal projects: Twaibot which is available on his personal portfolio: in the repository

Anthony developed Twailbot, an artificial intelligence application built on WhatsApp to communicate with clients/customers, make decisions based on inputs, integrate with a backend system to open tickets, manage user accounts and perform other actions with input data. Twailbot was built on Twilio technology, to be used on Whatsapp. Twailbot is still in production with more features to be added.

The Twailbot project

Q: Twailbot compared to others?

A: “No competitor identified at the moment”

Q: What triggered the creation of Twaibot and year?

A: “This was created to delegate the task of customer service to a bot. Human intervention will not be required and customers can interact via WhatsApp at any time of the day with no need for a human to be active 24/7. It is a new project created in 2022”

Q: How is people's reception of this project?

A: “It is currently in use with a positive response so far”.

Q:  Is Twailbot for anybody?

A: “Yes,  it can be used by businesses to ease their customer care representation and ticket/issues management. To be released publicly on completion of first beta use.”

Q:  Has it been launched?

A: “Yes.”

Q:  Can you share the goals and plans for the app?

A: “To aid businesses to connect to clients/customers at any time of the day via WhatsApp which is the most used instant messenger with no human intervention.”

Q:  How can we access this product?

A:  “Once publicly available.”

Q:  How can feedback be shared with the teams?

A: “Currently, the app has provision for feedback from the users/clients.”

One of the major projects that Anthony has worked on as a senior backend developer and a team lead (Scrum Master), mentor as well as playing the role of DevOps is the ONE. FM project, which is still ongoing at moment.

The ONE.FM project

ONE FM (One Facilities Management) is a leading provider of Facility Management and Support services in the state of Kuwait with a range of expertise in retail premises, manufacturing centers, airports, oil and gas and private sectors.

Since its establishment in 2009, the organization have grown to be the leader in Facility Management in Kuwait. They have developed internal systems and technologies that allow them to cover all of Kuwait. Serving a wide range of businesses and organizations in both Government & Private sectors. The app was created to manage internal workflows and interface with clients/customers. The app was built in 2020.

Things you need to know about ONE FM project

Q: How does ONE. FM project serve the community?

A:  “It is a client-focused company which is deeply rooted in a service mindset.”

Q: How is people's reception of this project?

A: “Quite well.”

Q: Is ONE.FM for anybody?

A: “Yes, it’s open source.”

Q: Has it been launched?

A: “Yes.”

Q: Can you share the goals and plans for the app?

A: “No.”

Q: How can we access this product?



We got acquainted with Anthony and learned a few things about his journey into tech, his state of mind, and how he has grown so far via a quick interview.

Q: What would you say to young folks who are going into tech?

A:  “Know your pathway. Ask questions about why you should go into tech   Align, you align by setting objectives. Be an inquirer, and ask questions, google is always there to help you. Now, shoot! start learning and building things. Be persistent, the road is rough but don’t give up, keep trying. And yes, connect. Join tech and social groups.”

Q: What languages would you advise young developers to learn?

A: “Any, as long as it suits your career path.”

Q: What languages do you code in?

A:  “Python, Javascript, MySQL, go, C, Java, Dart, Kotlin”

Q: What projects or technologies are worth following?

A: “OpenCV, Tensor Flow, Apache Spark, Frappe, Django.”

Q: What would you recommend worth reading or watching?

A: “The art of Assembly Language Programming, Python Crash Course, Python And Django Framework For Beginners Complete Course.”


Anthony believes that in the years to come,  there will be so many opportunities in tech, since every job, innovation and adoption will continue to grow, and demand for techies will outgrow supply.