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Woozeee is an application that complements your lifestyle. It was created to solve societal problems.

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App screen showing the homepage of woozeee

The subject of unemployment in Nigeria over the years has become controversial, negatively impacting Nigerian youth. To bridge the unemployment gap in society, the woozeee team came on board.

Tosin Olowoyo, a Product Designer, shared with us the woozeee platform created to solve social and societal problems.

According to him, the need to address specific societal problems, such as zero social security, unemployment, inflation, and limited financial inclusion was a major factor that triggered Olusegun Alabi, the founder of the woozeee platform. Then the Covid’19 and the Nigerian end sars saga confirmed that their ideas were spot on, and the team began with the project in May 2019.

Four major reasons why woozeee was created

Tosin stated that the project resonated with him better when he realized it was solving some core problems, which he considers too good to be true. He believed that good ideas sound like something crazy.

a. Zero Social Security 

b.. Unemployment

c.. Inflation 

d. Limited Financial Inclusion

woozeee app screen #2

woozeee Account: while using the platform, users can access banking services.

woozeee Social: this feature is a significant segment on the platform where users can post videos and pictures, view other users’ content, watch movies, post and view user stories, view and join challenges, chat with friends and many more.

woozeee app screen #3

woozeee Marketplace: this feature makes room for users to have access to financial services like the ability to save, take loans, insurance, mutual funds, equity trading and wallets. And there are the transport services such as flight, bus, train and ferry.

Other services users enjoy while using the marketplace segment are online retail, dispatch service, Legal Assistance, Health Care, Real Estate and other benefits.

woozeee Charity: this feature exists so that users who would want to give back to society by volunteering for charitable courses can do so without any hindrance.

We want people to have fun, make money and give back.

Woozeee was built as a lifestyle platform, putting people at the heart of its creation. While building, the team envisaged a platform where technology would be used to solve some social problems. According to Tosin, one of the team’s mandates is to solve unemployment. And they believe this goal is for everyone who uses the platform to earn.

 Woozeee would pay for what you do on other social platforms that you don’t generally get paid for. The platform allows creative graduates who cannot secure themselves any job yet. Woozeee is an avenue to make money from your own content from the comfort of your home without running to catch buses or getting stuck in  traffic to go to work.

As a new user, once you download the app, sign up, and create content, you upload it, and based on the number of viewers that get to view your content on the platform, you get paid.

And other things that you enjoy while using the platform are having access to lawyers, a driver to book a ride and others, and these things come without you having to pay, because the platform would have you catered for as a cooperative. 


In a Q&A with Tosin, who served as the UI/UX/Product Designer in the creation of woozeee platform, he shared his thoughts with us, and the following conversations ensued:

Q, How did you arrive at the name woozeee?

A, “Well, it was a team idea. We wanted a name that resonated with everyone”.

Q, What have been the team challenges building this project?

A, “We’ve had a couple of challenges.

At the earlier stage, it was difficult for people to understand what the platform does, as it’s a lot. woozeee is the first platform that has almost everything embedded in it. So it’s like combining 10 apps into 1 app. 

We also encountered a few Human Resources issues. Also, at one point, we had to change our software technology and start building the platform again.

And generally, creating a platform like woozeee requires a lot of financial resources”.

Q: Who are the target audience for this app?

A: “woozeee is a platform for everyone (Youths, Old, Elites, people on the street, HNI’s, Nigerians and people outside Nigeria)

We’re starting from Nigeria, our base country, and then we move to other countries once we have a particular number of downloads in that country”.

Q: How can the members of the community access this product?

 A: “You can access the woozeee platform through our 3 channels, namely;

App - Download on Google Play Store and iOS Store. Huawei Store and Palm Play Store

Web - Go to

TV - Download TV App on Android or Smart TV’s”

Q: How can feedback be shared with the team?

A, “At the moment, you can contact our customer service on these lines: 07062031029, 08175249877, 07062709696”

Q, How’s people’s reception of this product?

A: “Well, so far, people have loved the platform. The reviews we got are more like…this is what we need right now, as it solves many societal problems.”

Q, Can you share the app's goals and plans?

A: “To expand to every part of the world. To make life easier, people should have access to a quick service. For instance, you don’t have to travel down to book an appointment with a lawyer; with woozeeee you can connect with a lawyer. That’s why woozeee is referred to as a lifestyle platform.”


As a member of woozeee, you also enjoy other privileges such as having access to lawyers, a driver to book a ride, and others and these things come without you having to pay because the platform would have you catered for as a cooperative. The platform helps young guys who get harassed by the police, just with their phone, protect themselves against either the police or those who want to abuse their rights.