Grant Master Makes Securing Equity-Free Grants Look Easy

Grant Master has an unparalleled track record of securing funding for ambitious startups and turning visionary ideas into funded ventures through strategic grant proposals. By connecting startups with the top 1% of expert grant writers, they ensure startups receive compelling and fundable proposals, leading to remarkable success in securing grants to advance their mission. Olugbenga Ogunbowale, Grant Master's CEO and Co-Founder, shares their origin story, unique process, and the challenges overcome along the way.

Grant Master came to be during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 when Ogunbowale noticed a dire need for financial assistance among struggling businesses. Governments and corporations were offering grants, but many startups lacked the expertise and patience to navigate the application process. This realization sparked the idea for Grant Master, a platform dedicated to connecting ambitious organizations with grant writers, allowing businesses to maximise the possibilities of receiving funding.

Olugbenga Ogunbowale, CEO/Co-Founder of Grant Master

It's not just about the availability of grants; knowing how to effectively apply for them is equally important. Many businesses and NGOs were unaware of the application process for these grants, presenting an opportunity that caught my attention. 

- Olugbenga Ogunbowale, CEO/Co-Founder of Grant Master

The launch process started with a grant training session. Due to the uncertainty spurred by the impact of an earlier failed endeavour, Ogunbowale decided to start the training with minimal marketing efforts. However, despite the subdued promotional campaign, the response was nothing short of remarkable. A cohort of 50 people participated in the training, each investing N20,000 each. The turnout was encouraging and it showed the interest of founders in grant-related services. 

To be very sure about the product's viability, Ogunbowale reached out to the training’s participants, presenting them with a proposition to prepay for the grant master service that existed solely as a concept. To his astonishment, approximately 15 participants embraced the proposition. Their willingness to invest in Grant Master at its ideation stage showed the trust and credibility that Ogunbowale had built around his product. 

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Matching Ambition with Expertise

Grant Master's success lies in its ability to match ambitious organizations with top-tier grant writers, ensuring proposals that resonate with funders. Ogunbowale emphasizes the importance of this matchmaking process, stating,

Grant Master connects startups, SMEs and businesses with excellent grant writers after thorough screening. We look for indicators like the stage of the organization, team composition, and traction achieved.

- Olugbenga Ogunbowale, CEO/Co-Founder of Grant Master

Even before the writing process begins, there's a rigorous screening process to ensure that clients are at a stage where they can feasibly apply for funding. Ogunbowale and his team also have a meticulous process for selecting writers. By handpicking writers from the top 1%, they elevate the quality of proposals, maximizing the chances of securing funding for startups and businesses.

In the early days, we operated like any other marketplace, matching clients with writers and overseeing the process from a distance. But we soon realized that our clients deserved more than just a transactional experience. They needed assurance that their grant applications were in the hands of seasoned professionals.

- Olugbenga Ogunbowale, CEO/Co-Founder of Grant Master

The platform has evolved from a mere intermediary to a trusted partner, shielding clients from the chaos of the writing process and guaranteeing top-tier results.

Grant Master has a proven track record of success. Recently, they helped secure the Africa Online Safety Fund, which was a challenging grant to get. They were able to secure funding for 33% of the Nigerian winners. Grant Master recently helped an agri-tech startup secure $400,000 in grant funding. Their mission is a steadfast commitment to excellence and efficiency. They handle the logistics, the back-and-forth, and the unforeseen challenges associated with finding grant opportunities and writing persuasive proposals so clients can focus on what matters most: leading their organizations.

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Overcoming Challenges and Navigating Expectations

Every time you don't win for a client, you are sad. The client is sad. Managing client expectations amidst the highs and lows is a constant challenge.

- Olugbenga Ogunbowale, CEO/Co-Founder of Grant Master

Positioning startups for grant funding is not without its challenges. Assisting aspiring startup founders in their quest for funding is challenging, but it provides valuable lessons and insights for managing client expectations.

Ogunbowale emphasizes the importance of two fundamental pillars when considering funding: traction and team. Establishing traction—evidence of progress, growth, and market validation—is essential to build a compelling case for grant funding. And, assembling a proficient and cohesive team is important for handling the grant application process with more courage and efficiency.

Securing grant funding is not only about fulfilling procedural requirements, it is also about addressing pressing societal challenges with innovative and impactful solutions. Grant funders are investing in projects and the vision, passion, and capability of the individuals and teams behind those projects. Therefore, it is important to tell a brand story that articulates a clear problem statement, a roadmap for intervention and a track record of progress and impact.

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It is through varying challenges and experiences that Grant Master’s team continues to evolve, innovate, and ensure a commitment to its mission of supporting startups and businesses. 

Looking Towards the Future

As Grant Master urges forward, there are exciting developments on the horizon. The team is working on two SaaS products that will improve the grant application process.

These products will change the game, making it possible for anyone, including novices, to put together a grant proposal in under five minutes.

- Olugbenga Ogunbowale, CEO/Co-Founder of Grant Master

With innovation at its core, Grant Master remains dedicated to empowering organizations to turn their aspirations into reality. As they continue to empower startups, NGOs and SMEs, they hope to serve as an inspiration for aspiring founders seeking to navigate the path to success. For entrepreneurs seeking a reliable source of grant opportunities and application insights, Grant Master offers valuable content through its newsletter and social media channels.

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