Auto insurance is not just the rich people thing; Let’s switch to the future with Pay-U

Pay-U is a pay-as-you-use motor insurance product of the low earning power of the average car owner in Nigeria.

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 For car owners, there is always peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that their car is protected despite any unexpected events, while driving is a true luxury.

Owning a car may not be a problem for many, but the assurance of safety is essential in the face of civil commotion, flood or malicious attack.

Therefore, auto insurance is crucial to owning and driving a vehicle in any region. In Nigeria, it is no different, as every average driver understands the importance of peace of mind.

Auto insurance has always been seen as a policy for the “rich”, which poses a constant challenge for those who don’t fit the “rich” social structure.

However, with the introduction of Pay-U auto insurance project, car owners in Nigeria can now access pay-as-you-use insurance coverage, which ensures peace of mind for everyone, not just the wealthy.

“My dad told me insurance is for rich men.”- Temitope, Co-founder & CEO of Pay-U

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You might have wondered what inspired the solution for every car owner to pay as low as NGN70 for one hour drive, depending on the value of your car and pay as low as NGN20 for one hour while you park.

The solution the team at Pay-U is providing can be traced to Temitope Adeyemi, the co-founder and CEO of Pay-U’s deep-seated desire to provide comprehensive auto insurance coverage to all car owners, regardless of their social status. 

This passion stems from a personal experience from 25 years ago when Temitope’s father was involved in an accident with a station bus that resulted in him having to pay for the full damages. 

The financial burden was so great that Temitope and his siblings had to forfeit high school until the payment was made.

He had a conversation with his dad about if there would have been an alternative for reimbursement, and his father responded that such a “product” is not for everyone. 

The incident sparked a fire in him to create a future where no one would have to go through the same ordeal due to a lack of insurance coverage. 

Despite his father’s belief that motor insurance was only for the wealthy, Temitope believes everyone deserves comprehensive auto insurance.

Hence, auto insurance should not be a luxury but a necessity that should be within reach for everyone.


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Over the years, the team at Pay-U have built a robust solution that is backed by Sovereign Trust Insurance PLC. Pay-U is an innovative and affordable pay-as-you-use auto insurance application designed to provide comprehensive coverage with maximum flexibility. 

The team built a cutting-edge platform that makes auto insurance accessible to all without any lump-sum payments on premiums, no paperwork, hidden charges, or human intervention.

The platform enables users to manage everything on the app, from on-boarding to claims, and users can rest assured that they are always in control. 

Pay-U empowers you to make the best decisions for your coverage needs, whether you prefer to be charged in park or drive mode or simply turn your app on or off at your convenience.


Switch on/off Insurance: Pay-U offers complete and total control over your insurance; you can switch off/on your insurance when needed. 

The switch feature is designed to allow users to enjoy insurance with just a click of a button.

  Wallet: The In-app wallet feature enables a seamless payment process by allowing users to have sufficient amounts in their wallet, making payment for insurance or products as easy as possible. 

You can also find the history of all transactions done on the app here.

 Claims: The claims feature allows users to report a claim anytime their insurance is on by providing some details in 2 simple steps. Pay-U maintains 72 hours turnaround time on claim settlements.

Pay As You Use

Pay-U offers unique pay-as-you-use auto insurance coverage, which sets them apart from other products in the market. Their pricing system is based on the value of the user’s car when it is parked or in drive mode, and you only pay for the coverage you use. 

This makes Pay-U coverage flexible and affordable, allowing every user to customize their coverage to their specific needs and budgets. Also, the app provides a seamless on-boarding process with no paperwork, hidden charges, or human intervention. 

You have complete control over your coverage through the app, including when to turn it on or off and how you want to be charged. Overall, Pay-U offers a convenient, user-friendly, and cost-effective solution for auto insurance coverage.


In a Q&A with Temitope, Co-founder & CEO of Pay-U, speaking on behalf of the other team members, shared his thoughts with us, and the following conversations ensued:

Q: “Are there upcoming features the community should expect?”

A: “Yes, indeed, there are upcoming features that our community can look forward to. At Pay-U, we constantly seek ways to improve our product and enhance the user experience.”

Q: “How do I make claims?”

A: “You can log a claim within 3 minutes. Just take pictures and videos of the accidented vehicle and provide a few details. You are good to go!”

Q: “How is payment made?” 

A: “The Pay-U app allows for seamless payment as you use it, with all transactions conducted within it. 

After downloading the app and inputting the value of your vehicle, you will be able to see exactly how much you will be charged based on whether your car is parked or in drive mode. 

To get started, simply top up your wallet using your preferred payment option, and you will be charged based on the balance in your wallet as you use the app. This hassle-free payment system ensures that our users have full control over their spending and can budget accordingly.”

Q: “Is Pay-U for everybody?”

A: “The goal of Pay-U is to make auto insurance accessible to everyone, regardless of their social status or income level. Therefore, Pay-U is designed for everybody who owns a car and needs affordable and flexible auto insurance coverage.”

Q: “How can we access this product?”

A: “To access the Pay-U product, simply download the Pay-U app from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, depending on your mobile device. After downloading the app, you can create an account and input the value of your car to calculate your pay-as-you-use auto insurance coverage.”

Q: “What’s the pricing system for Pay-U?”

A: “The cost of your coverage is determined based on the value of your car when it is parked or in drive mode.

 Once you download the Pay-U app, you will be asked to input the value of your car, and the app will calculate how much you will be charged per minute as you use the app. Our pricing system is designed to be flexible and affordable, allowing you to customize your coverage to your specific needs and budget.”

Q: “How can feedback on the product be shared with the team?”

A: “Users can easily share their feedback on the Pay-U product by contacting our support team through various channels. They can call or WhatsApp us at +23419125202, email or, or use the feedback form available on our website. 

Users can also connect with us through our social media channels to share their thoughts and suggestions. Our team values user feedback and will use it to inform future updates and improvements to the product.”


They firmly believe everyone should have access to comprehensive insurance coverage, regardless of their social status or income level. 

The name Pay-U embodies the team’s commitment to providing an innovative, user-friendly platform that puts its users first. 

The plan is to continue developing new features and services that align with their values of transparency and simplicity, making it easier than ever for our users to manage their auto insurance coverage.