I know the easiest way to spend, send, and receive crypto

Coincord is for everyone and anyone looking for an easier means to use crypto or spend it. It’s not reliant on particular vendors and it would ensure a better experience for our users.

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 “The easiest way to spend, send and receive crypto" -Chibuike Osita/ Co-founder & CTO Coincord

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Imagine being able to transact using crypto via traditional means (bank remittance /debit cards), accept crypto payments and transfers from all around the globe and be able to swap between any number of tokens while being in control of your assets and wallet credentials. Coincord makes that possible.

Simplifying Crypto Transactions For Everybody

 Coincord is believed to be the next level in making decentralized assets (cryptocurrencies and Defi) readily accessible and spendable at the click of a button.

The Coicord project facilitates payments and remittance of crypto assets to fiat accounts as well as enables users to own and control their own digital assets via their decentralized wallets, which they can import into Coincord, or create within Coincord. They support about 180 tokens (and we are always adding more) so most assets are readily available to remit and spend. 

 “I spent most of my time learning and coding or building something”- Chibuike /CTO Coincord

An Image of Chibuike Emmanuel Osita/ Co-founder & CTO Coincord

Nigerian Chibuike Emmanuel Osita also known as Mozartted is the CTO at Coincord alongside his partner, Anthony. They built and developed Coincord together as Chibuike is majorly saddled with the responsibilities of building the platform as regards its functionalities and features and its associate software.

Why  Coincord Technologies?


According to Chibuike, they believe that most crypto products today only graze the surface of what can be accomplished via the blockchain. Coincord  Technologies as a company is aimed at building these types of solutions. They are largely inspired by the difficulties they found when it comes to using crypto as a newbie and getting the best deals on crypto transactions. Most centralized platforms have some seriously exorbitant rates, and users have little or no control over their wallets, that’s different on Coincord.


Coincord is for everyone and anyone looking for an easier means to use crypto or spend it. It’s not reliant on particular vendors and it would ensure a better experience for our users. 

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Coincord App Screen #4

 What makes it unique from every other product?


“We do not seek to be caught within the machinations of other products, as we aim to be something entirely different, a place to better hold and easily spend/access your crypto assets and swap with any number of tokens you seek with you the user at the helm, We also bring the best of the blockchain to you. With access to more than 180 tokens and gasless transaction options."- Chibuike/CTO Coincord

The distinct features of Coincord

  • Crypto Remittance - Coincord facilitate the ability to remit your crypto assets directly to your accounts, both in the US and Locally. 
  • Spend your crypto assets via debit cards 
  • Create and import your defi wallets for truly decentralized finance.
  • Buy Crypto assets directly via a debit card.
  • Receive payments from any number of sources via your personalized payment links.
  • Access to any number of tokens.

The Coincord Cards

The team at Coincord have got a lot to offer the community, as they introduce the Cards features that would enable users to make cross-border transactions powered by their crypo assets. 

  • Users would be able to facilitate any USD payments powered by any crypto asset they have in their wallets.
  • There are lower fees in terms of concurrent transactions.

This feature would be live January 2023.

The  Coincord Defi

  • Coincord DeFi - Users can host and create their own non-custodial wallets and addresses with support for more than 200 tokens, and send and receive funds in any token they like.

The Coincord Pay

With Coincord Pay you can send and receive funds via payment links.


  • The DeFI swap for DEX trading
  • Coincord businesses –  this is created for businesses and organizations looking to accept and use crypto in their operations.
  • Remittance to more countries, starting primarily with the US, and neighboring countries.


In a Q&A with Chibuike, who s Mozartted is the CTO at Coincord, he shared his thoughts with us and the following conversations ensued:

 Q: “What distinct feature does Coincord have compared to other products?”

A: “The hybrid wallet nature and architecture - In Coincord we do not hold your money, you have complete control of your private keys and your assets.”

Q: “Is Coincord available in every African Market?”

A: “Concord’s features are available to any location, but at the moment the remittance feature is focused on Nigerian and other African channels. We are working diligently on expanding this.”

Q: What's the pricing system for Coincord?

A: “Transactions are charged in fee per transaction.”

Q, How can feedback be shared with the team?


Q, Who can access coincord?

A “Coincord is available to all, we are building a global solution and we believe we have what it takes to service all.”

Q,  Is launched?

A, “Coincord is live and it is available for both Android and iOS users”.

Q,  What are the best ways to reach the team? 

A,  “ and you can reach us on Twitter @coincordhq”

Q,  Who are the target audience for this app?

A,  “New and existing crypto users looking for a sustainable means to get and move crypto assets. It’s also meant for people in the diaspora looking for easy means to send funds to loved ones in the country.”

Q,  Can you share with us the goals and future plans for the app?

A, “At the moment we are focusing deeply on the growth of the platform as a whole and working primarily on ensuring a smooth experience for our users, as this would likely be the first touch point into crypto for some users.

 I can’t share much of these ideas at the moment, as we intend for them to be a surprise.”

Q,  How can the community access Coincord?

A, “Coincordis available on both Android and iOS”


From reviews, Chibuike is of the opinion that, so far, people love the platform since the beta release and many find it a breath of fresh air, concerning its ease of use and that makes the young builder glad because it’s been a lot of work. This week is the launch week, and they anticipate how it rolls out and how users get a better understanding of their perception.