Dice: a platform for open discussion

Dice is a messaging application for open discussions and interactions among friends and groups. It also gives users quick organic information about events around them.

App Screen showing the homepage of Dice

Have you ever wanted an exclusive chatroom with your pals where you can discuss anything, but found it impossible? Or do you keep finding yourself where your tongues are always tied, and your feet cannot dance to every pronounced rhythm?

It should be considered an abnormality if people cannot own their dance and define their tune.

This thought birthed the idea for the Dice project, which came from a desire to create a messaging platform that was more than just a way to communicate with friends and family but to easily discover and join conversations about local events, stories and news. 

With different communications platforms here and there, the team at Dice saw the need to develop a product that brings true value to people’s lives.

It is safe to see it as a tool that’s set to help individuals and groups to be true to themselves and allow every user to feel safe and comfortable, especially when they’re engaging in hard discussions.

As an open messaging and discussion platform, different people from different places come together to interact. They are free to hang out with friends in the rooms to discuss similar interests and engage in interactions. Also, the platform allows everyone to socialize and view one another’s chats and rooms.

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 “Dice also has a unique focus on local events and conversations or discussions,
which sets it apart from other messaging applications”.- Samuel Oladimeji, Co-founder of Dice.

According to Samuel Oladimeji, the platform is for open discussion on anything they believe should be fun in every sense! With Dice, your audience is believed to be in the same room talking with us about anything and everything.

The platform also gives users access to quick organic information about events happening around them. With written guidelines, interactions with new people/users allow open, transparent and healthy conversations, which makes little room for fighting with one another.

Dice App Screen #2

In the words of Samuel Oladimeji, a founding team member overseeing the overall strategy and direction of the project, the name Dice was chosen to represent the randomness and serendipity of discovering new events and exciting conversations through the app. 

Every user is entitled to chat freely on the mobile app with added friends who must be registered users.

However, the platform allows all other registered users to view personal chats and conversations with buddies on the mobile app, which is quite different from other messaging platforms.

The platform makes open discussions possible, and from there, the opportunity to build relationships with those people will tag “strangers or unknowns” and folks get to discuss similar interests and have engaging interactions where you can socialize, learn, and unlearn with folks of the same mind.

As a user, content standards apply to every activity/engagement. User contributions must not contain any material that is defamatory, obscene, indecent, abusive, offensive, harassing, violent, hateful, inflammatory, or otherwise objectionable…

Dice has open rooms, that is, group chats and restricted rooms. The Dice app is offered and only available to users who are 13 years of age or older. To use the platform, as a user, you must first agree to meet all of the app’s eligibility requirements. Access to the app cannot be granted if you do not meet these requirements.

Also, the team is constantly working on some exciting new features and improvements, mostly involving content moderation and privacy. They promised to keep users updated on what they can expect in the future.


The primary goal for the team is to create a messaging platform that enables users from anywhere to make it easy to discover and join conversations about local events and happenings.

 In the future, the team plans to continue to improve and expand the app’s features and capabilities.

Dice can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. It’s free to download and use, with the upcoming option for in-app purchases for badges and in-app gifts and tokens.

The best way to reach the team is through email at