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Oddience makes it easy for professionals to manage their consulting business in one place.

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“We’ve fixed the “small things” so you don’t have to”- Adejoke Adekunle, Founder of Oddience

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What if the small things you ignored are needed for your quantum leap in your profession? Or what you call the “high-pressure and difficult to navigate” moments in your career are already man-made solutions? 

One of the finest approaches for every professional to attain excellent performance with their clients is the ability to manage stress.

Every consulting business has been examined to thrive on relationships. That’s why Adejoke Adekunle has built a platform called Oddience, a software for consultants to help manage their business. Oddience is for professionals who want to or have already run their own freelancing or consulting business.


If the connections professionals have built with their prospects and clients determine how successful their business will operate. Then, the goal at Oddience is to help kill the administrative work. Professionals reportedly spend over 40% of their time carrying out administrative tasks such as invoicing, chasing payments, drafting and sending contracts, taking meeting notes etc.

By minimizing time spent on admin work, professionals, can focus more on things that matter, such as their personal/business brands and building stronger relationships with their clients.

To manage and to grow…

Business consultants are often known to stitch multiple tools together to get booked for a meeting, get paid, and host the meeting. Of course, they also need a website to talk about themselves and showcase their work for potential customers to get excited about working with them. But now, the Oddience platform is here to help streamline all those activities by allowing you to set up your own virtual, fully functional office in minutes. 

The game-changer for every professional is here to help manage their consulting business in one place. Today, the platform gives users an instant business page and allows clients to schedule appointments with consultants and pay you from any country. As a professional, you do not need an extra tool like Zoom or Google Meet to join meetings with your clients.  

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Looking for my own audience

Adejoke Adekunle oversees the product vision. She works with the entire team to implement new features.  

She created Oddience to solve her own problem around taking in clients for her consulting business. She had internally developed a system to onboard and manage clients and could get things done because she had hired people for it. 

But then, she realized that there were things she could totally automate to improve her clients’ experience and also strengthen her productivity as a consultant. 

She believes consultants want to consult, and clients ascribe their perception of value from the consultant through that lens. 

The Oddience platform is free to use forever. At no cost, you get a free website, can host free appointments monthly, and can add an unlimited number of clients. You only pay a 7.5% fee for every successful paid session booked.

What users get using the Oddience platform

  • Business page: the platform provides an instant business and bookings page. Users can set up a free professional page in minutes and add up to 5 services to start receiving appointments.

  • A built-in appointment management system: Oddience helps users to stay organised in their day-to-day activities. Users set up their available hours and receive appointment bookings directly in their calendars.

  • Secure borderless payments: users get to secure multi-currency payments when they work with international clients from day one.

  • Built-in conferencing (No Zoom or Google Meet required): Oddience enables users to host meetings directly once they sign up on the platform without the need for a third party such as Zoom or Google Meet. 

In a Q&A with Adejoke, Founder of Oddience, shared her thoughts with us, and the following conversations ensued:

Q: “Are there upcoming features the community should expect?” 

A: “Yes. We are introducing file management features to allow you to manage the documents you create for your clients, as well as other exciting ideas on the fringe but centred around our mission to kill admin work for professionals.”

Q: "Would users be paid ahead of a session?”

A: "Yes! Every session booked is paid for and credited to your wallet before it gets added to your calendar! Your earnings are instantly credited to your wallet, and you can withdraw from your wallet anytime."

Q: "What makes Oddience platform preferable to the traditional calendar?”

A: "Oddience saves you the stress of figuring out an ideal time to hold sessions, better still, you don’t have to stitch different tools together to qualify, book or manage any session."

Q: “Are there limits to how much users can charge for a session?

A: “The maximum you can charge per session currently sits at $500."

Q: “Is Oddience for everybody?

A: “Oddience is for professionals who want to, or already, run their own freelancing or consulting business. Today, we have Therapists, Career Advisors, Designers, Accountants, and Legal Practitioners power their business through us.”

Q: “How can we access this product?”

A: “Simply visit our website -

Q: “How can feedback on the product be shared with the team?”

A: “We appreciate all the feedback we get from our customers. Our DMs are open on Twitter and Instagram (@oddiencehq). You can also send an email to”


Adejoke stated that the mission at Oddience is to help professionals launch and scale their consulting practice easily. And one major way to do this is to make borderless payments possible, so users can serve their clients anywhere in the world.