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Kidsthatcode (KTC) is an initiative that encourages kids and teens in this part of the world to start coding early.

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Maybe there is more for fun for every child whose parents have busied with sand play….probably there is more to treasure hunting, sand art, spinning in circles, colouring, finger painting, the swinging competition… well, the peak of the activities recommended for a child is said to be playing with friends. 

But what happens when kids eventually run out of things to do?

Perhaps, there is a better way to prepare the kids for their future, especially in today’s digital world, where the art of coding has become an essential skill for many careers.

Now is the time to prepare the kids for the future

Adejoke Haastrup built a platform called Kidsthatcode. This is an initiative that encourages kids and teens to start coding early.

Adejoke peeping from the present tech innovations could only envisage the tech outlook in years to come and believes that kids starting early to code would help them develop qualities such as persistence, patience and resilience, which would help solve complex real-life problems, as coding can be very challenging.

 Also, learning and building early would enable them to compete on a global scale with other kids around the world. According to Adejoke, her platform allows kids to express their creativity and brings ideas to life, giving them a sense of accomplishment and empowering them to pursue their passions.

Adejoke, who started working as a networking tech support to become a software engineer, described her experience leading the KTC team to be great, having to work with very young people in tech, learning and building great things, as she believes that her platform will definitely enhance creativity, as coding allows children to express their creativity and imagination by creating something that they can be proud of. 

She hopes that they can bring their ideas to life and develop new, innovative solutions to problems through coding.

KTC App Screen #2

The reason behind KTC is to enhance the easy understanding of programming in them if they decide to take a career in software development later in the future and they develop a better understanding of how technology works, which can help them make informed decisions about how to use technology and stay safe online. 

The platform has fantastic courses in place, such as:

  • Introduction to web development
  • Animations and interactive stories
  • Critical thinking
  • Game design and app development
  • Coding Fundamentals
  • Technical Concept

The platform has trained over 300 kids and introduced them to tech; they have built a developer community for teens in tech, organising meetups and conferences for them. 

At KTC, the curriculum is designed specially to suit each kid with world-class standards that make them stand out with impressive skills anywhere in the world.

TenderFoot (5-7 Years)

  • Coding fundamentals
  • Game Design
  • Animations

Sophomore (8-12 Years)

  • Coding fundamentals
  • Programming
  • Web development

Masters (13-19 Years)

  • Coding fundamentals
  • Programming
  • Web development
  • App development
KTC App Screen #3

The KTC special classes 

  • A group class: this platform is for a maximum of 5 students in the same age group. They learn in groups, there are assignments given to them based on learning, and there are provisions for unlimited access to learning materials.

  • The one-on-one class allows a student to access a personal tutor for learning. The student enjoys one-on-one classes, and there is assignment-based learning. The student enjoys full access to a tutor at any time. 

This tutor trains them and doubles as their mentor to help them through their learning process. Unlimited access to learning materials is provided.

  • Joining the community: This is entering the thriving KTC community for teens in tech. They share resources and host events that help them with their tech career.

The team also have upcoming features they want the community to be expecting. For example, they are working on a feature enabling them to virtually onboard kids in tech and train them in ways that don’t affect their regular school schedule.


Adejoke believes that kids learning how to code early helps to prepare for their future careers as it gives them a head start in developing the skills they need to pursue careers in technology, engineering, science, and other related fields. 

In addition, coding helps to develop the kids’ problem-solving skills as it paves the way for them to break complex problems into smaller, more manageable parts and then create a logical solution to each part.

 This results in kids developing strong critical thinking skills, which can be applied in various areas of their life.