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At CareStation, we provide care for your elderly ones back home providing them with quality medical care, food supplies, laundry services and house cleaning.

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"There's something better than sending money to your parents"- Ayo Adesokan/ CEO CareStation

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The quest to communicate and express our love, affection and support to our elderly loved ones is gradually becoming a burden, as distance seems to play a rival.

We all know how it goes with the “japa”, a more popular currency among young adults in Nigeria. However, with the massive immigration currently ongoing around the world and, in most cases, the children who are saddled with the responsibility to take care of their Now, what happens to the elderly parents, grandparents, old aunties and uncles are no longer available.

    Does money communicate value?

Here is a period of our lives when eligible children/youths have left their home country for greener pastures.

But nobody talks about the elderly loved ones…who will help water their plants, prepare their meals, drive them to social gatherings, help to do their grocery, check and regulate medications, do their laundry and all other things attached to living the “good old life?

But what happens to the old folks at home while the supposed caregivers are away?

‍Or can money alone solve the problem of caring for and looking after our elderly in our home countries while we seek better careers overseas?

Most often, the elderly loved ones need our unwavering support as they depend and rely solely on our availability and devotion towards them. 

Ayo Adesokan, the founder of Carestation, believes that the narrative of eligible children showing care and support to their parents/elderly is gradually becoming unpopular with this generation.

Hence, he saw it necessary to build a platform that helps provide care for the elderly/parents at home with a trained caregiver who would help provide quality medical care, food supplies, laundry services and house cleaning.

Ayo is of the view that money doesn’t communicate emotions at all times.

For example, money cannot go to the florist shop to get our parents’ flowers, but a caregiver is always delighted and trained to run such errands. 

But with CareStation, it has always been about one thing, “immigrants and their loved ones at home.” Over the years, many immigrants worldwide have seen taking care of their loved ones as a huge priority.

For instance, Indians account for 18.6% of the total number of people who immigrated to Canada between 2016 and 2021… and hey, the usual method of always sending money is failing as money does not directly improve their quality of life because the money sent can be channeled towards another legit course, which is not right.

   “We bring peace bring peace of mind to remote immigrant families every where”- Ayo Adesokan, CEO of Carestation

The Carestation team believes they’ve got something much better for immigrants/ children who would like to limit the money they send to their elderly loved ones and just subscribe to a CareStation bundle and watch the magic of how happier the elderly become.

The creation of CareStation is an idea that first resonated with Ayo Adesokan. Coupled with Ayo’s migration to Canada and the need to take good care of his parents, who are still in his home country, Oyo, Nigeria.

Ayo leads and manages the engineering team that built the platform and the product management team.

Ayo stated that he works with a fantastic, skilled and committed team ready to provide the synergy that helps them build faster and better.

 What inspired the creation of this product?

 Ayo strongly believes in honour, especially to one’s parents. Still, in a situation where distance poses a barrier, he is convinced that many belong to the same boat as he is, who have migrated to a different country or live abroad but whose parents are in their home country and you can’t be there for them as much as you would love.

He concluded that when we give our elderly loved ones cash, we cannot control how they spend it because our goal for them is not really the money but their well-being is our goal. The acts of kindness are emotionally conveyed, not just buying and gifting things.

For instance, buying a house for the elderly is far better than giving them the money to buy for some reason. However, most times, they may not end up buying/building the house and may not make the right quality choices/decisions even if they were to buy the house.

The distinct features of CareStation

CareStation App Screen #2

  • Wellness check: This is one of the essential services that the CareStation team renders.

They send a qualified nurse and caregiver to the house to check on their mental and physical health, check vitals and monitor drug usage, they report back confidentially, and we let the sponsor know how their loved ones are fairing.

This service allows monthly visits by caregivers, you talk with caregivers, and bodily exercise is organized to keep them fit.

CareStation App Screen #3

  • The Cleaning Package - There’s a provision for periodic cleaning of the environment and space where our elderly live.

There are trained hands who take care of the scrubbing & dusting, gardening, beautification, one bedroom cleanup, two toilets clean up, air freshener and lots more.

CareStation App Screen #4

  • Laundry Package: CareStation provides quality laundry services to the elderly. Some professionals are ready to pick up their clothes and return them clean and fresh.

Laundry services such as regular clothing, bedding sets, machine wash, traditional outfits, thick wears(sweaters/jackets), and headwear (beanies/caps) with the assurance that your clothes are in safe hands.

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  • Food Package: Carefully curated healthy food is delivered to your parents monthly or anytime you order.

Food items such as beans, rice, semovita, groundnut oil, fufu powder, and green tea, and the team of experts, can also help work on their meal timetable as directed by their nutritionist.

The CareStation platform will help to bridge the barrier against unemployment.

 Ayo believes that the platform will help to create more job opportunities, especially for unemployed youths who are skilled, and those working can also earn additional income.

Carestation will create a new market in several countries and work with the best service providers in every country where they operate. Once they launch fully, the team will be hiring massively.

CareStation Products compared to others

Carestation also provides Fintech products that immigrants can use to send money to their parents. And they’re ready to go beyond cash; they want to communicate more emotions, value, and affection. 

The pricing system currently at Carestation varies. The food package is $50 and $100, respectively. Health & Wellness is $40, and you can check here for more enquiries.


In a Q&A with AYO, who’s the founder and creator of CareStation, he shared his thoughts with us, and the following conversations ensued:

Q: “How did you arrive at the name CareStation?”

‍A: “For the CareStation team, it’s all about Care. The happiness of the elderly is the main priority, and every parent should enjoy and live a good old life. They have paid their dues, and they deserve every good thing in life. So, it’s a station where we care for our loved ones.”

“Q: “Are there any other features the community should be expecting?”

A: “We are also going to bring in utility payments and gift delivery in the coming months.”

Q: “How do you keep the elderly ones safe?”

A: “We understand that you are trusting us to deliver on our engagement. We will keep the end of our promises and will be proactive in informing you of any challenges we encounter. Our team is well trained to carry out their task”

Q: “Do you provide care for older adults only?”

A: “Yes, our focus is to help Seniors, but anyone who needs our services can subscribe to it as well.”

Q: “Has it been launched?”

A: “Yes, we just went live for the pilot in November 2022 and getting users’ feedback as well to improve the platform.”

Q: “Is CareStation Product for everybody?”

A: “Yes, we believe everyone has a senior they care about. It could be parents, uncles, aunts, or old acquittances. If you are far away from them, we will help you bring them closer to you.”

Q: “How can we access this product?”

A: “Our platform is hosted at” 

Q: “How will I know that these services are being delivered?”

A: “As a sponsor, we will provide you with up-to-date notifications as we complete each of the services you sponsored.

Q: “How is payment made?”

A: “We use card payment powered by Stripe, so you can subscribe to our service from any country.”

Q: “Is CareStation Product available in every African Market?”

A: “Yes, we are available in Nigeria ( Lagos State and Oyo State only at the moment).”

Q: “How can feedback on the product be shared with the team?”

A: “Our email is”

Q: “What are the best ways to reach the team?” 

A: “Send us an email, and we will be happy to engage.” 


The goal at Carestation is to expand their coverage and raise funds to help further their mission in 2023.