Partycoo: The Platform That Takes Away Your Party Planning Stress

Partycoo is a one-stop-shop app for your event needs, particularly for small and medium-scale events.

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In Nigeria, parties and celebrations are a significant part of our culture. From weddings to naming ceremonies, housewarmings to birthdays, and every event in between, Nigerians love to celebrate. 

However, planning a party can be daunting, particularly for people with busy schedules or those needing the skills to handle event planning. Partycoo comes in.

Partycoo is a platform for all your event needs, particularly small and medium-scale events. Think of it as the Jumia for e-commerce and Uber for ride-hailing but for private party planning. 

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Every successful event is characterised by intensive planning, organising, pressure, and anxiety that come with so much planning and arrangement. Most of the time, the hosts are the ones who singlehandedly bear this onerous duty. 

However, only some are privileged to have people to assist them with the food, decorations, DJ, locations, and drinks, amongst other things every event planner thinks of.

The founder of Partycoo, Akintade Britto, experienced firsthand the difficulty of planning a party and saw the need for a platform to make party planning more accessible and less stressful. 

One major incident for Akintade, that birthed Partycoo was his birthday. In 2019, for weeks, he had envisaged a grandeur birthday party with his team at work. He had everything meticulously planned out, including the food and drinks.

 But on the day of the party, he was running behind schedule due to work commitments and couldn't execute his plan. His only option was to buy roadside cookies and chocolates on his way to work. 

The turnout for his party was a disaster, and he wondered if there was a better way to plan events for people with busy schedules. This was the thought Akintade had that first inspired the creation of the Partycoo platform.

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Akintade Britto is the Director and Technical Lead at Hashtag Digital Services, the parent company of Partycoo. In 2020, he co-founded Partycoo to create a one-stop-shop app for event planning in Nigeria. 

Akintade noticed that Nigerians love to party and celebrate all kinds of events, from weddings to birthdays and everything in between. He aims to make party planning easier, more efficient, and stress-free.

On the platform, Users can request everything they need on the app for their event, and the platform takes care of the rest.

The platform is designed to cater to the needs of small and medium-scale events, including; Birthday Parties, Get-Together, Corporate Events, TGIF Parties, Pool Parties, Engagement Parties, Naming ceremonies, and Christmas Parties. 

Users can easily create a list by dragging and dropping to make their selections. Partycoo provides a ready-made, timely, and budget-efficient party solution, eliminating the traditional way of organising events.

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Several other features that users can choose from include adding necessary details about the celebrant, selecting their choice of cakes, foods, drinks, and snacks, and determining the quantity of each item. 

Users can select from various foods and drinks, including quantity, and even choose a pre-birthday photoshoot option.

The platform also offers the option to download and share the gift wishlist with friends. Users can easily and securely pay online for all selected features. Partycoo also provides several choices of RSVP templates for users to choose from and easily share.

Partycoo agents are the ones who cater for the decorations and supplies purchased for your event; you won’t have to think about balloons, tablecloths, or flowers. The team created a platform to help people of different ages and classes plan a budget-efficient yet classy party.

With Partycoo, Akintade says that users are assured while using the platform that there won’t be any disappointment.

Users can monitor/track the progress of their party arrangements right from their dashboard. Partycoo takes away user stress, and the agents will do the legwork. There is always active customer support to help you answer your questions and clear every doubt.


Undoubtedly, Nigerians have a deep-seated fondness for celebrations and revelries. Thus, to alleviate the stress and concerns of party hosts, the Partycoo platform is stepping forward to handle all the intricate details of event planning, leaving the host with peace of mind.

 Hopefully, the platform will be able to provide unparalleled services to ensure its clients a delightful and memorable experience.