Share the Load, Share the Fun: An Overview of Subshare

Subshare is an application that streamlines the sharing and administration of subscriptions for families and groups, providing a new level of convenience.

As subscription-based services continue to grow in popularity, it can be costly and challenging for individuals to maintain separate subscriptions for themselves.Frequently, we require assistance in managing our digital subscriptions, given the challenge of keeping track of them all. While we appreciate the convenience offered by various services such as Netflix, Apple Music, Office 365 Family, Google Drive, Showmax, Steam, and more, the ongoing payments for each subscription can become overwhelming.

This challenge associated with managing subscriptions on different platforms prompted Samson Abobarin to ask,  “What if there can be a platform that would enable users to manage all our digital subscriptions in one place?”

Samson Abobarin and his team created Subshare in response to the growing need for an affordable and efficient solution for managing digital subscriptions. Subshare is an application that streamlines the sharing and administration of subscriptions for families and groups, offering a new level of convenience, according to Samson. The name “Subshare” is a combination of “subscription” and “share.” The team is comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds who are passionate about creating innovative solutions for users.

Samson Abobarin, Jefferson Alice, Enang Godfrey, and Chukwudubem Osegbe bring a wealth of experience in software development, marketing, and entrepreneurship.The team believes that with the platform, they would help eliminate the need for tedious payment by providing a way to share subscriptions with family and friends.

Subshare App Screen #2

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Subshare makes it legal and responsible to share access to subscriptions like movies, TV shows, music, or software with others. For instance, if you have a subscription to a streaming service that you don’t use all the time, you can share it with a friend or family member who loves to watch movies and TV shows, saving them from having to pay for their own subscription.

The platform operates through two modes: Firstly, as an administrator, you can share a subscription by providing access to others. Alternatively, you can join an existing subscription that is being managed by someone else. Additionally, individuals can conveniently manage their subscriptions, keep track of payments, and obtain a summary of all shared subscriptions.

“Connecting with friends while sharing expenses made easy with our sharing network” - Samson Abobarin, Co-founder of Subshare.

The team saw an opportunity to address these crucial pain points in the market by providing a simple and convenient solution that benefits both consumers and businesses.

With their platform, the team aims to alleviate the challenges of subscription overload and high costs of digital products. They are committed to providing a valuable service that meets the needs of users and businesses alike.


In a Q&A with Chuwudubem Osegbe, Co-founder & COO of Subshare, speaking on behalf of the other team members, shared his thoughts with us, and the following conversations ensued:

Q: “Who is your target market, and how do you plan on reaching them?”

A: “Our target market is primarily Millennials and Gen Z, who are tech-savvy and comfortable with sharing. We plan on reaching them through social media campaigns, influencer marketing, and targeted ads.”

Q: “What have been some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced while developing your product, and how have you overcome them?”

A: “One of the biggest challenges we’ve faced is ensuring our platform is secure and user-friendly. We’ve overcome this by working with experienced developers in-house and conducting extensive user testing.”

Q: “Can you discuss security measures to protect users’ personal and financial information?

A: “We take security very seriously and use industry-standard encryption to protect users’ personal and financial information. We also regularly monitor our platform for any potential security breaches.”

Q: “What kind of subscriptions does Subshare support, and are there any limitations?”

A: “Subshare supports a wide range of subscriptions, including streaming services, software, and digital products. We continually add to our list of supported subscriptions to provide the best possible service for our users.”

Q: “How does Subshare handle situations where multiple users want access to the same subscription simultaneously?”

A: “In situations where multiple users want access to the same subscription simultaneously, we have ensured that each subscription is limited to the number of users allowed by the service provider.”

Q: “How does your product generate revenue, and what is your business model?”

A: Our revenue is generated through a small percentage of each payment transaction made on the platform.  Our business model is based on a commission-based model, which allows us to scale and grow our platform.

Q: “What are your plans for scaling your product and company in the future?”

A: “Our plans for scaling include expanding our platform to include additional subscription services, increasing our marketing efforts, and exploring new partnerships and collaborations.”

Q: “How do you plan on staying competitive in a rapidly evolving industry?”

A: “We plan on staying competitive by staying ahead of market trends and continuing to innovate and improve our platform.  We also focus on building strong relationships with our users and providing excellent customer service.”


As Subshare enters the market with its product, it brings with it the potential for new opportunities and challenges. On the one hand, the app promises to streamline the sharing and administration of subscriptions, providing a new level of convenience for its users. However, on the other hand, there may be challenges associated with ensuring the security of personal and financial information, managing subscriptions that have different limitations, and competing with other similar services in a rapidly evolving industry.

Nevertheless, with its focus on meeting the needs of its target market, Subshare is well-positioned to carve out a niche for itself. Its unique business model, commission-based revenue generation, allows for scalability and growth, and the team's commitment to providing excellent customer service will undoubtedly contribute to building strong relationships with its users. As such, Subshare presents an exciting prospect for the future of subscription management, with the potential to improve on the way we share and enjoy digital products.