Shipbubble's Customer-Driven Innovation in Order Management

Shipbubble creates personalized post-purchase experiences that turn new customers into brand advocates. This platform offers multiple delivery options, automated weight calculation, and direct integration for all delivery needs, regardless of location or timeline. In this story, Jordan Ajibola, the Co-Founder of ShipBubble shares the evolution of ShipBubble and strategic shifts in purpose and innovation. Shipbubble has transcended traditional boundaries, redefining logistics to embrace a holistic, customer-driven approach.

The Inception of Shipbubble

Jordan Ajibola had always been fascinated by the intricacies of logistics, drawing inspiration from his time working at Amazon. 

I'd worked in Amazon some years back, in the fulfilment area, I saw how fulfilment worked, especially the efficiency of Prime delivery. Fast forward to a few years later, and we were facing the challenge of solving logistics issues in Nigeria, where the costs were soaring. The idea for Shipbubble came up and the initial goal was to make logistics cheaper for e-commerce businesses.

- Jordan Ajibola, Co-Founder of ShipBubble

Jordan Ajibola, Co-Founder of ShipBubble

After witnessing the efficiency of Amazon's fulfilment process, he recognized a significant problem in the logistics industry – the high-cost implication for e-commerce businesses. With a vision to make logistics more cost-effective and efficient, Shipbubble was born.

Then I figured out there was less control over making logistics cheaper for businesses. We shifted our focus to making logistics less of a cost point and more profitable for e-commerce businesses. To offer the missing piece in the puzzle – a unified platform for all delivery needs.

- Jordan Ajibola, Co-Founder of ShipBubble

The Evolution of Shipbubble's Purpose

As Shipbubble evolved, the team realized that businesses needed a comprehensive solution for their post-purchase experiences. Jordan and his team aimed to create a platform that not only streamlined logistics but also handled every aspect of the post-purchase journey for customers and businesses.

Shipbubble App Interface

We wanted to create a platform that offers multiple delivery options, automated weight calculation, and direct integration for all delivery needs, regardless of location or timeline.

- Jordan Ajibola, Co-Founder of ShipBubble

Jordan realized that while payment systems like Flutterwave and Paystack, had streamlined options, there was a glaring gap in direct integration for delivery services. Businesses needed more than a courier; they needed a strategic partner. Logistics became an opportunity to elevate the entire customer experience.

Improving Customer Engagement

Shipbubble elevated its customer engagement by introducing features that were unprecedented in the market. The platform provides customers with real-time updates on their orders, reducing the common customer query, "Where is my order?". Shipbubble's approach has transformed the post-purchase experience by offering transparency and control to customers.

Shipbubble allowed businesses to offer multiple delivery options, giving customers direct updates on their orders, reducing customer complaints and improving the overall post-purchase experience.

- Jordan Ajibola, Co-Founder of ShipBubble

For Shipbubble, success is measured in packages delivered and in the satisfaction and loyalty of customers. Beyond technology, Shipbubble embraces a people-first approach. 

Improving customer engagement wasn't a box to check; it is a philosophy woven into our DNA. We want our clients to feel a sense of partnership, not just a transaction.

- Jordan Ajibola, Co-Founder of ShipBubble

Innovations and Future Prospects

ShipBubbleXBumpa Collaboration

Shipbubble is committed to innovation and adapting to market trends. Their recent integration with Bumpa focuses on simplifying order management for businesses. The vision is to empower African businesses to go global and play a significant role in standardising and enhancing the global expansion process.

Our latest integration with Bumpa is aimed at saving time, reducing errors, and providing businesses with oversight and peace of mind. We envision empowering African businesses to go global, changing lives, and building trust through standardized logistics processes.

- Jordan Ajibola, Co-Founder of ShipBubble

Jordan acknowledged and expressed gratitude to the Shipbubble team, acknowledging their entrepreneurial mindset and problem-solving abilities. 

A lot of the innovation in Shipbubble has been driven by the team – hands-on, entrepreneurial-minded individuals who genuinely love what they're doing. If you're ready to solve big problems, build something that changes lives, and watch it happen, consider joining Shipbubble.

- Jordan Ajibola, Co-Founder of ShipBubble

ShipBubble’s Team

The future is bright, and Shipbubble is actively exploring ways for e-commerce businesses in Africa to thrive globally, create more job opportunities and build trust in the global market.

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