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Shulioo is a one-stop shop designed for techies to keep track of their tech profiles and achievements and provide a clear road map for every stage of their tech journey.

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"There is a significant issue that no one is taking seriously….but Shulioo has come up with a solution." Shula CEO/Co-founder Shulioo

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The saying "Always dress the way you want to be addressed" often poses a great conflict for some people, and it is yet to be resolved in some quarters. While some parties believe that one's clothing does a more incredible speaking than the speaker, the embellishment on the body is considered to either be talking loudly or just a whisper. 

In a technologically inclined age, now it is safe to ask, what is your portfolio saying about you? Is your portfolio showcasing the best of you? Or do you need a change of wardrobe?

An excellent portfolio is considered a valuable tool for techies to promote their skills, stand out in the job market, and connect with others in their field.

The Shulioo platform is here to help you stand out from the competition. After all, a well-designed and well-represented portfolio can help you make a positive first impression, especially when bidding for a new project.

The shulioo platform will help you build a personal brand and truly help you showcase your personality and style.

A portfolio is a great means or a helpful weapon that markets and showcases your accomplishments, skills, experiences, and every detail about your person to employers, corporations, and universities.

Shulioo is a one-stop shop designed for techies to keep track of their tech profiles and achievements and provide a clear road map for every stage of their tech journey. The Shulioo platform helps developers/designers showcase themselves to companies wanting to hire them for project work or full-time, depending on their agreement.

With Shulioo, you can build a portfolio tailored and dressed for techies, link their GitHub account, blog, medium, Hash node, Dribbble, and Behance all in one place to show off their skills in their respective Portfolios. Techies can also Showcase the projects they have worked on, and there is a platform to add their Speaker bios to the Portfolio. In addition, platform users can always change a template without going through the hurdle of redesigning or writing a single line of code.

 "I received suggestions to switch to graphic design or typing business projects because females don't code." - Shula CEO/Co-founder Shulioo

Shula journey into tech began in 2017. She recounted her tech journey to be lonely and complex and how she received suggestions to switch to graphics design or typing business projects because females don't code.

An image of Shulammite John CEO & co-founder Shulioo

She is a Software Engineer with over 5 years of experience before she moved into product management after she finished her Master's program. Shula is the founder of FEMCODE Africa, a tech education company dedicated to training and employing women in technology. 

She is one of the founders and the product manager of Shulioo. Shula has managed Shulioo from the idea stage to the current stage (the MVP) 

And there are essential team members whose roles are vital to the creation of the project, such as: 

Caleb Uche, core software engineer, Co-founder, and CTO with over 5 years of experience. 

Bobolayefa Moroyei, Co-Founder and Product Design Lead at Shulioo.

What inspired the creation of this product?

According to Shula, she traced the creation of the Shulioo platform after her numerous encounters as a developer, who is constantly struggling with the customization of portfolios for others. And she is saddled with the urgency to complete her own portfolio. 

She talked about how she had to share her links with a potential client, following the trend of first sending her GitHub link, her CV link accompanying it, her notion link (for her speaker's bio), and Hashnode (writing account). The swing to being all over the place with different links became tiring for her.

Shula then, communicated her thoughts with a few friends, and they made research, they even examined the profile of a well-known developer and realized that there are many links there. 

 The team realized that this is a significant issue that no one is taking seriously, but with Shulioo there is a solution.  You can package every necessary detail about your person there. You really don't have to be everywhere.

The goodies Shulioo came with:

With Shulioo, you don't just get a portfolio to showcase your work but Shulioo provides you with the opportunity to link your GitHub and showcase dashboards. 

Shulioo App Screen #3

We all understand the pride and satisfaction of developers being able to showcase their dashboard and GitHub, and Shulioo is giving every developer that sense of accomplishment by helping display and highlight their best work. In addition, the dashboard shows how active you have been and how many products the developer has completed. 

The Shulioo platform also gives room for a technical writer, you can link your hash node blog, personal blog, or medium in one portfolio. 

With Shulioo, techies also have the option to download their curriculum vitae from their portfolios in any format of their choice. As a Techie, if you speak at a conference, you can have a speaker profile where you talk about that aspect of yourself, including the images and fliers, the video recording of your session, and your slides. Your long and short bios can be included, rather than using the old tradition of sending a Google document.

Shulioo aims to make it convenient for techies to send in a link to their portfolio each time they are required to speak. The team would also create customised templates to choose from, but if you want something unique to you as a techie or user, you can make your request known to the team, and the Shulioo team are ready to get it done for you.

Upcoming features the community should be anticipating

The platform has some exciting features that the community should expect, such as mentorship.

The mentorship feature is created for experienced techies who love mentoring and are ready to mentor someone new to tech who needs coaching and guidance. This mentorship platform is a means for people to earn/be rewarded. There will be sections for anyone to browse through profiles of developers, writers, product managers, social media managers, UI/UX designers for hire, volunteering, etc. And yes, there are a couple of other interesting features as the platform will be updated from time to time.

The pricing system for Shulioo?

The price depends on what users want to do but Shulioo is primarily free. Anyone can check out the pricing plan. But Shulioo has two plans, the basic and the premium. If you want a domain with a free plan, you can pay for it, and the team will help you out. That's paying for the domain and not for the Shulioo team. The primary focus of this project is to try as much as possible to make everything easy for everyone.


In a Q&A with SHULA, speaking on behalf of the other team members, she shared her thoughts with us and the following conversations ensued:

Q: "How did you arrive at the name Shulioo?"

A: "We came up with a couple of names, but everyone on our list was taken when we tried to get a domain. My name is Shula, so our designer suggested combining my name with the word portfolio. So, the first three letters of my name SHU are combined with the last three from the portfolio (LIO). Unfortunately, when we went to buy the domain SHULIO, it was taken, so the team and I decided to add an extra O. We ended up getting SHULIOO."

Q: "Can you share with us the goals and future plans for this project?"

A: Most recruiters ask for a LinkedIn profile, Twitter link, an uploaded CV, resume etc. We want every recruiter to ask for a Shulioo link because it contains every essential detail. We also want to be the number one go-to for

"The goal is to be the number one go-to for any techie who wants to build a portfolio and also employers when they want to recruit tech talent. We want to be the number one for newbies coming to Shulioo for mentorship and employers coming to look for hires."

Q: "Is Shulioo for everybody?"

A: "Shulioo is only for techies, i.e developers, writers, designers, DevRel etc. With time we would have more updates to meet specific needs in tech like social media managers, product managers, etc."

Q: "How can we access this product?"

A: "To access the product, you can go to To get notified when we launch our MVP, add your email address to the form and submit it, and we will notify you once we launch."

Q: "What distinct feature does Shulioo have compared to other products?"

A: "Ability to link your profiles to your portfolio, including your speaker's bio showcasing events you have spoken. Shulioo is a portfolio builder made specifically for Techies."

Q: "How can feedback on the product be shared with the team?"

A: "We can receive feedback from We will also have a support chat embedded on the home page. But if it isn't urgent or you are more comfortable emailing, you can use the email and expect a response within 24 hours."

Q: "What are the best ways to reach the team?"

A: "You can reach me at If you want to contact the team with suggestions, feedback, and support, don't hesitate to contact us via"

Q: "What languages would you advise young developers to learn?"

A: "I will encourage young developers to learn Javascript because it is very versatile; JavaScript can be used in web 3, machine learning, Frontend, Backend, and react native for mobile. Javascript has always been my number one for people coming into tech."

Q: "What languages do you code in?" 

A: "I write JavaScript. I used to write PHP in the past."

Q: "What projects or technologies are worth following?" 

A: "JavaScript, Web3, Artificial Intelligence, everything about Open Source, Technical writing."

Q: "What would you recommend worth reading or watching?"

A: "I will always recommend the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Steph because it helps you plan yourself and how to handle things, people, and jobs. In addition, I would recommend watching The Blacklist because it would enable you to think outside the box and not be an average person. They are my favourite." 

Q: "Since new things keep coming up, how did you cope with continuous learning?"

A: "I join an active community in that field when something new comes up. I check out YouTube and at least watch 5 mins videos and plan for myself."


The Shulioo platform just like other automatic web application builders, are software tools that allow users to create and design web applications without having to write code manually. 

Shulammite is also of the view that the world of tech is going to blossom in Africa in the years to come. And she is excited, because many tech talents and products are emerging in Africa. As a result, there will be more job opportunities for anybody taking up a tech career.