The best way to find creative solutions is to hunt for expertise across fields: Let’s go to Talentpoel.

A global talent network that specializes in matching non-technical professionals in Africa with technology-operated companies in the US and Europe.

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I guess we’re all at it again. Of course, we’re busy figuring out nodes and writing codes. But we all know the job doesn’t end there…the technical products and services must be marketed effectively, and someone must ensure that the customers’ needs are met.

After so many years navigating the world of technical and non-technical professionals, Jephtah Abu, the founder of Talentpoel, thinks that while technical professionals may possess specialized knowledge and skills related to the trending technologies, non-technical professionals are needed to support and manage the various operations and activities that make up the technical world.

 Bringing the talents to the pool

Today is the best time to obey the clarion call and give our non-technical talent in Africa a fair advantage.

Jeph described the serendipitous moment that reinforced his passion and needs to create a talent network that would be a valuable resource for non-technical professionals in Africa.

For him, the driving force to start the Talentpoel platform was not just the devotion to build; anger was the driving force behind the decision to start Talentpoel. 

It sounds crazy, right? 

Jeph talked about how incredibly frustrating and challenging it was to find and keep a non-technical job. 

He realized that limited opportunities were available and job security needed to be improved in Africa.

Then, he knew he had a big role to play.

If technology impacts lives positively, Africans should also enjoy the luxury technology brings…which would help reduce the alarming poverty rate in African countries.

He described the serendipitous moment that reinforced his passion and needs to create a talent network that would be a valuable resource for non-technical professionals in Africa.

The platform would help provide jobs to the most skilled non-technical professionals in Africa, and he believes that they can significantly impact the problem of poverty. 

According to Jeph, every aspect of the project was carefully thought out and intentional; from the moment he came up with the name “Talentpoel”, he had a clear vision for its branding, starting with the logo.

The logo comprises strips and a circle: the stripes represent a rainbow, which symbolizes a promise, and the circle represents the world, which signifies their commitment to taking their talents to a global level.

“We strive to connect the best talent with top-notch companies”- Jephtah Abu, Founder of Talentpoel

An Image of Talentpoel team member

Jeph, alongside his team, Karen Chukwu and Otukpa Lloyd have built a global talent network that specializes in matching non-technical professionals in Africa with technology-operated companies in the US and Europe. 


Marketing teams, customer support, human resources, finance, administration and other non-coding roles are often overlooked, but they are important positions needed in every company.

At Talentpoel, the vetting process takes a week. They have arranged two stages of the vetting process to enable their clients/users to get the best talents to join their company. 

The stages include a cultural fit interview, a non-technical test, a personality test, and an interview with a team member. 

We complete all these stages in just one week and are very intentional about how we bring the best non-technical talent to work with our clients.

The three distinct phases

Talentpoel operates through three distinct phases:

The first phase: The first phase involves direct matching and building relationships with their customer base. 

The team have reached a consensus that they will have the contact information of their first 30 customers, so they can reach out to them at any time and they will discuss concerns. 

Of course, boundaries will be set to ensure everyone’s time is respected. 

The second phase: The team are developing a platform where customers can build teams and hire non-technical professionals in the African countries where we have a presence, all within one week. 

The third phase is an avenue for Talentpoel to offer an academy where mid-level non-technical professionals can receive training and be converted to senior-level professionals. 

The academy will consist of a 7-month intensive cohort program. This third phase will enable the team to provide even more comprehensive support to their customers and expand the pool of talent available to them.


In a Q&A with Jeph, Founder of Talentpoel, speaking on behalf of the other team members, shared his thoughts with us, and the following conversations ensued:

Q: “How did you arrive at the name Talentpoel?”

A: “I vividly recall the moment I shared my idea for Talentpoel with my mum. She was ecstatic, and I’ll never forget what she said: “They can even be your talent pool!”

As someone who values names, her words resonated with me. I immediately went online to explore different translations of “talent pool” in African languages. When I stumbled upon the Afrikaans translation, something clicked, and I knew Talentpoel was the perfect name for my project.” 

Q: “What distinct feature does Talentpoel have compared to other products?

A: “At Talentpoel, we focus on creating synergy between our talents and clients. We believe in providing the best benefits for our talents, from regular check-ins to innovative perks like community equity, which is a first of its kind in Africa.

 We also build strong relationships with our clients, providing real-time support and flexibility in our matching process to fit their specific needs.

Moreover, we prioritize skills over the typical resume when accepting talent into our network. Cultural fit and expertise are key factors in being a part of Talentpoel, and we set this standard from the very beginning.

 This ensures that our clients have access to the most qualified and competent non-technical talent in Africa.

Q: “Are there upcoming features the community should expect?”

A: We have a lot of exciting partnerships in the pipeline that will offer many benefits to our talented professionals.

Q: “Is Talentpoel for everybody?”

A: “At Talentpoel, we’re focused on empowering mid-level and senior-level non-technical professionals to succeed in the tech industry. By providing opportunities for growth and development, we aim to bridge the gap between non-technical talent and technology-operated companies in the US and Europe.”

Q: “How can we access this product?”

A: “You can check out our website -” 

Q: “What’s the pricing system for Talentpoel?

A: “While I am not at liberty to disclose the exact figures, we do have a structured pricing model that is based on the level of expertise and experience of our non-technical talent. We ensure that our prices are competitive and fair for both our talents and clients.”

Q: “What are the best ways to reach the team?”

A: “If you have any questions or would like to reach out to us, we have a team of friendly and dedicated members who are always ready to help. You can connect with us on our social media pages or drop us an email at 

Our website also has a list of our team members and their social media handles, so feel free to reach out to them directly. We would love to hear from you and answer any inquiries you may have.”



Jeph stated that their ultimate goal is to become the most trusted platform for hiring and working with non-technical professionals in Africa.