The matchmaking for coders: at codum 1+ 1= 3

Codum, a platform free of use and open to every Tech Newbie looking for a buddy to skill up together in Web Development or Data Science.

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Ask me what matters and I’ll tell you two things.First is Community! And again is Community Building. Finding my voice with Krystal Wu, a Community Marketer who believed that communities are not quick wins. Communities are not quick. Communities are the long games.

The Codum community is a dream of certain women who have seen community building as a crucial assignment that must be done. If Building a project by yourself is lonely and frustrating or maybe you need to keep up to date in tech? Perhaps you looking for is an accountability partner to keep track of each other's learning goals.

Well, Codum was created to serve all of these purposes and more. Codum connects coding enthusiasts to learn from each other and to build terrific projects together.

“Codum derived from our very own need.” Tatjana Hoesch Co-founder/Codum

In the conversation with 24 years old Tatjana Hoesch, one of the co-founders of Codum, who is also responsible for Business Development including partnerships and communication. Tatjana has always wanted to learn to code, inspired by her sister Isabella Hoesch the founder but she never dared… well for Tatjana there are other things she could do, so why code, why tech?

App screen of Codum
App Screen showing the homepage of Codum.

When you decide to learn software development alone

Codum is a platform that was derived from the very need of some terrific women. It can be traced first to Isabella Hoesch who embarked on the self-teaching journey to shift into Data Science and found that teaching oneself to code can be VERY lonely and inefficient. She quickly realized she wasn't the only one fed up with this and set up an initiative for Newbie Coders to get matched with a like-minded peer for mutual goal achievement.

Now, this small initiative evolved into Codum, a platform free of use and open to every Tech Newbie looking for a buddy to skill up together in Web Development or Data Science. 

Codum App sreeen #2

Users then sign up, fill out the buddy form and wait to be matched with a buddy on the same level and with alike goals. After being matched they are ready to kickstart their buddy journey together.

The teams are flexible on how they want to work together: You can work through a course together, build a project together or just meet to check in and work on your learning goals individually. 

Buddies track their achievements to see their progress. Awesome right? Do you that consistent and highly motivated buddy teams may qualify for a mentor from the Codum volunteer mentor pool?

Codum App Screen #3

Testimonies of Users

“My buddy changed my life”

 “We’re stronger together”

“We’re both interviewing for jobs now”

Join Codum's global community to reach your coding goal with a peer

  • Building a project by yourself is lonely and frustrating?

Meet Coding enthusiasts at Codum, from beginners to advanced - from around the world come together at codum to get inspired and to find a coding-partner.

  • Do you need to keep up to date in tech?

Codum provides coders with similar learning goals to get paired to study or build projects and sharpen their programming skills together and at their own pace.

  • Are you looking for an accountability partner to keep track of each other's learning goals?

Mutual support and knowledge sharing between Coding-buddies as well as holding each other accountable is the secret sauce that makes self-teaching efficient, fun and successful.

Do you know that Codum currently covers buddy-pairing for coders in Web development or Data science, focusing on Python, Ruby, R, Javascript, HTML&CSS and SQL


We got acquainted with  TATJANA HOESCH and DAMISOLA OLUSEYI, Community Manager they shared their thought with us and got to know about the state of Codum and how the community has grown so far via a quick interview.

Q: “What inspired the creation of this project?”

A: “As mentioned earlier, Codum derived from our very own need.
Our mission is to inspire and support anyone to shift into tech - no matter their gender, origin or background! With this, we aim to contribute to a more diverse workforce in tech globally.”

Q: “How does Codum help with community building?”

A: “Codum focuses on buddy matching and everything it needs for a successful buddy journey, including resource recommendations and a progress tracker. By this we enable Newbie learners/Self-teaching Learners to feel comfortable and not alone on their journey. With our welcoming, playful, modern and supportive atmosphere, we empower anyone to upskill in Tech.
Existing coding communities like to use Codum as a tool to increase engagement within their community.

 Q: “Who are the beneficiaries of this project?”

A: “Every Newbie Coder that struggles to start learning or to keep going and thus feels like her/his coding goal is unreachable. Also, users like to join after graduating from a Bootcamp, since they find it difficult to keep going on their own. Coding Communities are keen to offer Codum as a tool to their members to increase engagement and to help members on their coding journey.”

Q: “How did you arrive at the name Codum?”

A: “The name Codum is a combination of the two core focuses of the platform which is Coding and community. It was coined together to be simple to pronounce yet represent our values.”

Q: “Has it been launched?”

A: “Yes, Codums Prototype is live with more than 2000 users from 50+ countries.”

Q: “Is Codum for everybody?”

A: “ Absolutely! Codum is a free platform for every individual no matter the origin, background or gender who wants to start their Coding journey with a partner in crime, be it for Newbie learning, project building or interview preparation.”

Q: “How can we access this Project?”

A: “You can access Codum here:”

Q: “What distinct feature does Codum have compared to other tech Projects?”

A: “We are not a course provider, we focus on goal-achievement. We are for aspiring techies that need accountability, focus and inspiration.”

Q: “What's the pricing system For Codum?”

A: “Codum is currently free.”

Q: “How does one become a member of the community?”

A: “a, Sign Up on 

b, Request a Buddy under the tab “BuddyMeUp” 

c, Join our Slack Community 

d, If you want to become a Codum ambassador apply here.

Q: “What are the best ways to reach the team?”
A: “Email  or join our Slack Community here.”


The main goal is always matching people to support them reach their goals. 

The community has fantastic goals set for 2023 with the new year Matching-making Campaign, the goal is to reach everyone whose New Year resolution for 2023 is to learn to code and who would appreciate the help of a Coding Buddy.