The Tech Behind Trust: My Pocket Counsel is Modernising Contract Management

My Pocket Counsel has transformed contract management in various industries requiring legal solutions. Deji Awoniyi, the CEO of My Pocket Counsel, envisions a future where the platform empowers users worldwide. By expanding its contract range, introducing entertainment contracts, and improving user support, My Pocket Counsel aims to make contract management effortless for all.

Inception and Inspiration

The need for innovation and technology integration in the legal field led to My Pocket Counsel. 

I wish the legal industry had tech solutions like accounting. Such that when someone who isn't a lawyer needs a document, we can quickly provide it for them

- Deji Awoniyi, CEO of My Pocket Counsel

Deji Awoniyi, CEO of My Pocket Counsel

My Pocket Counsel evolved from Deji’s desire for the legal industry to adopt technology solutions similar to those found in accounting. The challenge is effectively delivering legal documents to individuals who understand their needs but lack the tools to create these documents themselves.

After completing law school, Deji Awoniyi, the CEO of My Pocket Counsel secured a job at a prestigious law firm in Lagos. By day, Deji was immersed in law, and by night, he was learning to code. This dual life started his tech journey and became his routine for seven years. 

Deji didn't embark on the journey alone. He partnered with his friends. This partnership laid the groundwork for My Pocket Counsel. Deji, with his legal and technical skills, collaborated with Kola, his tech-savvy co-founder. Over time, their team expanded with diverse tech talents.

Living a dual life—a lawyer by day and programmer by night—Deji encountered challenges unique to working with friends. These challenges, he shares, are similar to those in a marriage. Money, especially, had the potential to strain relationships. Despite these challenges, Deji and his friends persevered. Their journey eventually led to the creation of My Pocket Counsel. 

My Pocket Counsel’s Key Features

There are two key features that set My Pocket Counsel apart and form the core of their value proposition. The first is speed. 

In business and marketing, every second matters. Waiting for a lawyer to draft a contract for weeks, days, or even hours simply isn't an option. My Pocket Counsel ensures speed and accuracy when delivering contracts. After making a payment, you get your contracts without delay and easily share them via email, Slack, WhatsApp—wherever you need them. 

My Pocket Counsel’s web interface

My Pocket Counsel ensures that legal processes don't hinder progress. We don't slow you down

- Deji Awoniyi, CEO of My Pocket Counsel

The second feature is affordability. 

Hiring a lawyer individually might be expensive, but my pocket counsel aims to democratize the legal process. They empower businesses to access quality legal documents easily. So you can simply pick up your phone, use the app, and have a contract that protects your interests and those of the other party. It solidifies your business arrangement, validates it, and gets it ready to go.

The mobile app is designed for micro-businesses and addresses their immediate needs for simple contracts like founders' agreements. It fills the gaps where these businesses may not yet need a full-fledged legal department.

We're here to fill small gaps. The mobile app serves micro-businesses. As you grow, you may  transition to the web app for bigger operations like startups and SMEs with established processes.

- Deji Awoniyi, CEO of My Pocket Counsel

On the other hand, the web app, designed for larger enterprises, startups, and more established businesses, focuses on comprehensive solutions. It assists companies with HR, compliance, and complex agreements such as fleet contracts for logistics or loan agreements for fintech firms. 

My Pocket Counsel adapts to different business sizes and needs to provide affordable and efficient legal solutions.

Vega WebApp for Macro-businesses

Security and Reliability

My pocket counsel has robust technical and legal measures to ensure security. The platform uses Google Cloud products. This choice ensures trust and reliability in users because Google’s framework enforces top-notch security.

We rely 100% on Google Service and Cloud products. We trust in the best so there are no technical flaws that can affect our backend.

- Deji Awoniyi, CEO of My Pocket Counsel

Legally, Deji and his team ensure that the platform is meticulous in maintaining compliance with data protection regulations. They collaborate with law firms to continuously update and refine contracts to align with any changes in the law, ensuring clients remain protected.

Their team of legal engineers includes individuals with a background in compliance, employment law, and other relevant fields. They work to ensure that every contract is compliant and up-to-date. This approach allows My Pocket Counsel to offer proper legal protection to its clients.

My Pocket Counsel’s current pricing plan

My pocket counsel also involves non-lawyers in quality assurance assessments. This stems from recognizing the diverse range of users My Pocket Counsel serves, where not everyone is a legal or tech expert.

The Vision for the Future

Deji shares upcoming changes to make the platform more user-friendly and intuitive:

We're revamping our solution to cater to customer needs because we're building a product for the customer.

- Deji Awoniyi, CEO of My Pocket Counsel

My Pocket Counsel would be expanding their range of contracts, particularly focusing on the entertainment industry to address its longstanding need for legal documentation. Additionally, they're broadening their contract jurisdictions to cater to users in different countries. 

They will also emphasise user-friendliness by providing more guidance and assistance within the app, making it feel like users have a lawyer right beside them. The team is introducing a more flexible pricing structure, allowing users to buy multiple versions of the same contract at an affordable rate.

My Pocket Counsel aims to be a reliable partner for businesses throughout their growth journey. To guide businesses from their starting stages to more established and complex legal processes. 

Try my pocket counsel now. 

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