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Hireus creates room for artisans and professionals to showcase their services to give individuals access to professional services within their location.

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“No more disappointment from artisans; Hiresus is here to save you the pain”.- Frank Okwara, Ceo& Co-Founder HireUs

Indeed, the time to say goodbye to the hassle of traditional advertising methods, and start connecting with clients who will appreciate your craft is now. Many thanks to the advent of the internet in the 1990s. Directly, we can speak of ease while trying to get better hands. By better hands, we mean the professionals having to perform specific tasks.

The HireUs platform proffers itself as a tool to help leverage the pool of exceptionally talented Nigerian local professionals who can offer services that enable users to get their work done.

HireUs is regarded as a revolutionary tool designed to connect artisans with customers needing their unique skills. The platform was built with a user-friendly interface and customisable profiles, which makes it easy for clients and artisans to locate each other.

Hence, connecting them to each other and helping an artisan to grow their business and expand their reach.

“With the high number of artisans in the country, individuals still find it difficult to access professional services.”Frank Okwara, Ceo& Co-Founder HireUs

Hireus is a platform created by a Nigerian team to help connect professionals and artisans to individuals in need of their services within a given location. Hireus makes room for artisans and professionals to showcase their services to provide individuals access to professional services within their location.

The platform enables every man with different vocations to acquaint themselves with their potential customer, whether you are a photographer, electrician, plumber, painter, carpenter, interior decorator, etc., 

With Hireus, artisans showcase their skills to potential clients or people needing their services. The platform is being created to allow users to find, hire, and pay talented professionals online. You can also browse through our wide range of artisans that offer various services. 

The team’s primary focus is to make quality services available globally and more accessible to needy individuals. Whether a small task or an elaborate project, the platform connects you with the perfect professional or artisan to get your desired result.

The HireUs NG project was first birthed by Frank Okwara, the CEO/Co-Founder. And also Cynthia Ngozi Emerenini, one of the co-founders and Frontend Developer.

What inspired the creation of HireUs NG

Frank Okwara got the initiative to begin the HireUs platform based on his personal experiences. At that period, Frank was in dire need of an interior decorator to help him fix his new place. Still, he realised that getting an artisan who is a professional in that area of specialisation in the neighbourhood was difficult. 

After some days, Frank got someone based on a referral who could do the job well. The thought of building a platform that will help accommodate artisans that will cater to the community members in dire need of various services resonated with him after his search for an interior decorator.

HireUs shows the path to locate every artisan or the user's direction

Unlike other products, with HireUs NG, users can get an artisan in less than two minutes, and there is access to verify an artisan within the user’s location.

The platform shows only artisans that are available within the user’s location. So, you won’t have to wait long to complete your task. With HireUs comes time management.

Now, HireUs does not just stop in the place of helping you get artisans; the platform shows the path to locate every artisan or the user’s direction. So, with HireUs, there are no cases of artisans missing their route to the location, but there’s already a provision on navigating to the right destination.


While the hired artisans are working on a project or task, the platform enables you to keep track of every work progress. 

Frank also stated that the platform has some exciting, upcoming features that have been mapped out, which will be revealed soon. They believed that, the additional features are what would keep them going in the market in the future.

The platform has also put in place specific measures to cater to the cases of emergencies between artisans and clients, but the complaints and the outcome of the investigations carried out would determine the weight of the action that will be induced. However, in most cases, the account of the artisan or client might be suspended. 

Why HireUs?

  • They allow artisans to showcase their services and skills to potential clients.

  • And users/individuals are saved from the stress of not getting the right hands to help deliver a task. But with HireUs individuals get easy access to professional services within their location. 


In a Q&A with CYNTHIA, Co-founder at HireUs, speaking on behalf of the other team members, shared her thoughts with us, and the following conversations ensued:

Q: “How did you arrive at the name Hireus?”

 A: “The name hireus simply means that artisans are telling their potential clients to come to hire them(Hireus).”

Q: “How does payment work on the platform?”

A: “The platform is a subscription-based platform, but artisans can register for free, while we have other plans that can give them more advantages on the platform, such as to be shown first when a potential client shows up.”

Q: “Can users access the platform in every geographical location?

A: “Yes, we’ll be available in every location in Nigeria but dominant in these 5 states, Port Harcourt, Enugu, Lagos, Abuja, and Owerri. People in these states could carry out activities on the platform smoothly.”

Q: “How are HireUs different from other products?”

A: “Hireus NG is different from other products; with Hireus NG, Users can get an artisan in less than 2mins and access to verified artisans within a user location.

Q: “Is HireUs for everybody?”

A: “Yes, HireUs is for anyone looking to gain more traction in their business and, at the same time, generate more revenue. Also, for those who wish to easily find and hire artisans from the comfort of their mobile phones.”

Q: “How can feedback be shared with the team?”

A: “Feedback can be shared using the following social media platforms: I.G -,

FB –, LinkedIn – hireus NG, to also reach out to the team, you can visit the website

Q: “What languages would you advise young developers to learn?”

A: “Languages to learn depend on the track one chooses to follow. Some developers that do not have anyone to guide them end up trying to learn so many things simultaneously and, in the end, waste so much time and effort; some even get frustrated and quit. I advise young developers to identify the path they wish to take, look at a roadmap, know why they wish to take that path, and take the necessary steps to get started.”


Frank emphasized again that the company’s primary goal is to improve everyone’s access to professional services within and outside their area while supporting local professionals in growing their businesses. And one vital plan for the future is to become one of the most significant search engines for professional services within and outside one’s location.