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Sendchamp is a seamless messaging platform for growing businesses. Send messages to your customers across WhatsApp, SMS, email, and voice - all with zero coding skills to get started.

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“Messaging, Engaging & Retaining your customers should not be hard.”- Goodness Kayode/ Co-founder Sendchamp

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Today, the market is filled with many SMS or email platforms, and for a single project a developer works on, he has to integrate 2-5 different providers. It's hard to miss one major setback every developer encounters whenever they build a solution. Every application requires at least a communication channel at any time. And this was the dilemma Goodness Kayode had as a developer. He stated that whenever he got to this stage, he always faced these prominent issues as:

  • Having to work with multiple providers
  • Limited channels
  • Limited communication services (that existed in the American/European market but were generally hard to access in the African market)
  • Regulation and a very stressful integration process.

Goodness believed that most developers in Africa today are saddled with this problem on their side projects or at work. This same problem was what he faced when he started a Software Agency (Sprinble) that builds products for businesses.

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A story of Sendchamp from 2 developers

The idea to build the future of communication for African businesses began with Goodness and Damilola in 2021. Goodness Kayode currently leads the product & business team at Sendchamp as the Co-Founder/CEO of Sendchamp. Goodness stumbled into tech while studying English Language as a course in school. As a passionate innovator in tech, the mission for Goodness is to build a product/solution that people cannot do without. All thanks to curiosity, Damilola Olotu, the Co-Founder/CTO Sendchamp, would instead solve complex real-life problems by building highly user-friendly software. 

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With Sendchamp, you can send messages to your customers anywhere.

The design process for Sendchamp is simple. First, at Sendchamp, they are developers and business people but more importantly, at Sendchamp, they talk to customers to know what is essential to them. Their work is to simplify that process such that they do all configurations on the dashboard and write less code. SWEET, RIGHT?

The set objective for the team at Sendchamp has always been to build a solution that would ensure essential and important communication services scattered across Africa are accessible over APIs, thereby solving the problem of having to work with multiple providers, limited channels, limited communication services, and regulation and a very stressful integration process. 

The journey to building a solution that houses all these communication channels in one place became the goal. But, of course, they are also keen on ensuring they deliver a robust developer dashboard with clear and deep insights with seamless integration processes as the core.  Over the months, Sendchamp has created a simple and easy way to help developers integrate Communication APIs for messaging across different messaging channels and a community that is ever ready to help. 


Sendchamp is being built to be the simplest messaging platform for businesses and developers in Africa. In more precise terms, with Sendchamp, business owners can avoid engaging their customers from different places because Sendchamp is primarily built to solve and simplify customer engagement & retention across several channels like SMS, Email, Voice, WhatsApp etc. 

 Here is a guide explaining some of the APIs


Sendchamp SMS API allows developers to integrate SMS messaging capabilities into their applications, websites or systems, enabling them to programmatically send and receive text messages to and from mobile devices globally.


Sendchamp Voice Api enables developers to integrate voice communication capabilities into their applications, allowing them to programmatically initiate and manage voice calls. The voice APIs accept text-to-speech and audio files.


Sendchamp WhatsApp API allows businesses to integrate WhatsApp messaging into their communication channels, enabling them to send automated and personalized messages to their customers.


Sendchamp Email API enables developers to easily integrate email functionality into their applications allowing for the automated sending of email messages to customers or subscribers.


Sendchamp Verification API allows businesses to quickly verify customers using OTP. Verification can be done across multiple channels, including SMS, WhatsApp, email and voice.

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‍The distinct features of Sendchamp

  • No more integrating separate providers for each channel. Sendchamp houses these channels in one place (SMS, WhatsApp, Voice, Email and other channels). This means with Sendchamp; you don't need to integrate other providers to power communication in your app)

  • They have reduced the integration time to less than 30 minutes by providing a dashboard that allows the dev to send text messages and provide code snippets for easy integration. 

  • They provide insights and reports to messages sent across different channels.


In a Q&A with GOODNESS, Co-founder/CEO Sendchamp, shared his thoughts with us and the following conversations ensued:

Q: "How did you arrive at the name SendChamp?"

A: "It is from Sending and Champion. We work daily to ensure we help businesses & developers become Champions when sending messages to their customers."

Q: "Has it been launched?"

A: "Yes, we launched Sendchamp's private beta in 2021."

Q: "Is Sendchamp for everybody?"

A: "Sendchamp is for businesses with technical teams. This means that if you have a developer on your team building your web app or mobile app, then Sendchamp is for you."

Q: "How can we access this product?"

A: "You can access sendchamp by signing up via"

Q: "What distinct feature does sendchamp have compared to other products?"

A: "Apart from being developer experience focused, Sendchamp is the only communication platform with more communication channels accessible via API, a robust reporting system, easy configurations and seamless integration." 

Q: "What's the pricing system For Send champ?" 

A: "We charge for each message sent on the platform."

Q: "How is payment made?"

A: "Payment is made on the dashboard via bank transfer and debit card. You can pay in your local currency."

Q: "How can feedback be shared with the team?"

A: "Feedback can be shared through the community platform, chat desk and social channels. Twitter @sendchamp, IG sendchamphq”

Q: "What are the best ways to reach the team?"

A: "The best ways to reach the team is via email, our slack community platform and chat desk."


Aliyu Abubakar, Developer Community Manager Advocate at Sendchamp, believed that the tech industry's future would be massive. We have started seeing it today, and it can only get more outstanding. Every day, we keep seeing exceptional solutions to a wide range of problems.